Our Services

We provide a host of services, including Credit Rating, Credit Advisory, Project Feasibility, Credit Research that together evaluate and quantify credit and business risks associated with following clients and instruments:

Corporate & Entity:
Banks, NBFIs, Insurance companies, Manufacturers and other corporate.

Financial Instruments:
Various capital raising instruments including bonds, preference shares, derivatives, securitized bonds.

Bank Loan & Facility Rating:
For the corporate houses seeking bank loan and facilities above certain amount credit Rating is becoming a requirement.

Project Financing Rating:
A project’s ability to service long term debt for sectors such as real-estate, manufacturing, power, and infrastructure.

SME Rating:
Requires special expertise and methodology, which is provided by our international partner and affiliation, DP Information Group with 30 years of SME Rating experience in Singapore and emerging Asia.

Credit Advisory service
The service includes a in depth analysis of company’s financials, overview of management and growth potential, identifying the major challenges and opportunities, preparing information memorandum of the company for availing investing facility and also provide a tentative view on the credit rating of the company.

Company profiling
Prepared a brief profile of the company and published the list so that the company can use this as a promotional tool.

Project Feasibility Study:
Project Feasibility Studies which include technical and financial feasibility, regulatory and compliance aspects identification , risk identification & mitigations etc.

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